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A love letter to women I know



Dedicated to my mom, Ana Maria Sagastegui, 1947-2021

To work through the grief of losing my mom, I needed a creative project, so I reached out to all the women I know locally--some friends, some acquaintances who have now become friends--to courageously surrender themselves to my camera in a series of portraits that strive to express the light and beauty I see in every single one of them. (Hence why I called this "A love letter to women I know.") I also revisited two or three portraits I shot in the past but wanted to include in this series. I am so grateful to every woman who participated, and I hope they are as happy with their portraits as I was spending time with them during our photo sessions.

I was first drawn to photography as a little girl, spending hours gazing at the photographs my mom had so lovingly arranged in albums. I really enjoyed creating this virtual album of captivating women, and hope you will gaze upon this series with equal fascination. 

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