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Over the last few decades I’ve lived in several places around the world, but I’ve always come back home to California. This ongoing series will feature some of my favorite places in the state, and currently you can see images from the Redwood Parks in the north (Prairie Creek, Jedediah Smith and the Del Norte Coast Redwood Parks); Yosemite Valley (including El Capitan and Half Dome) and Bass Lake; Lake Tahoe, the ghost town of Bodie, Point Reyes, Mendocino and Mt. Diablo, just to name a few. Stay tuned for more to come.

Bass Lake California
Sunset in Yosemite II
Along a Meandering Trail
Lake Tahoe Sunset 2
A Napa Valley Vineyard 1
Among Giants
Baker Beach with a view of Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands
Spring Scene at Shell Ridge
Fishing at the Lafayette Reservoir
Shadows on the Trail
Point Reyes National Seashore
Forest Explorers
Rusting Away - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Last Supper - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Sand Harbor
Oak at Shell Ridge
Waves of the Pacific
On the 395
Glass Beach Treasure 1
Looking out onto Utica Reservoir
Winter's Light, Cathedral Rock
A Napa Valley Vineyard 2
Gray Evanescence
Acalanes Ridge
Near Bridgeport California
Mt. Diablo seen from Shell Ridge
Moment of Zen at Fallen Leaf Lake
Pacific Trillium
Golden Hour at the Lafayette Reservoir
Body Boarder at Baker Beach
Potty Training Chair - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Headland Cove, Point Lobos
Alameda County Fair-1
Pacific Blues
Lake Tahoe Sunset 3
I see a star on the top of that Tufa tow
Lake Chabot
Shell Gas - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Birds in Flight at Carmel River
Rising Oaks-Shell Ridge
Kelp beads
Lace-like kelp
Ribbon kelp
Magical Colour
Tufa Tower
A veil falls on the evening
Point Reyes Lighthouse
Out of the mist
Damnation Creek Trail
Lafayette Reservoir
Once a Pretty Chair - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
We Walk Together
Reflected in the Merced River
Summer at Utica Reservoir
Alameda County Fair-2
Trail at Lafayette Reservoir
Intangible Light
Beautiful Utica Reservoir
Trail at Shell Ridge
Pinnacle Cove
View of Mt. Diablo
Meandering Merced
Bare White Branches
View of the Trinity Alps in the Shasta C
Through Broken Glass - Alcatraz Island 2
Alcatraz Island - Staircase Between Cell
Moss Canopy
Lafayette Reservoir 1
Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Beer Bottles - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Acme Beer - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Sorrel of the Redwood Coast
Utica Reservoir
A Carmel home in the mist
A Napa Valley Vineyard 4
Shell Ridge Walnut Creek
Lafayette Reservoir 3
Sunset on Shell Ridge
Tufa, Mono Lake
Spring in Fern Canyon
Lake Tahoe Sunset
Between Blues-El Capitan
Stout Grove
A Napa Valley Vineyard 3
View of Trinity Alps from Mt
Tufa Towers at Mono Lake
Noyo River at Night
Spring at Acalanes Ridge
On a lovely jog--Shell Ridge
Lafayette Reservoir at Dusk
The sun sets on the Tufa at Mono Lake
Smith River California
Glass beach Treasure 3
Siskiyou wakerobin
Common lady fern
Returning along the Damnation Creek Trai
Shell Ridge
Reaching the Sky
Tractor in the Snow
Standing together--Bodie Ghost Town
Kitchen Pot - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Bedroom Scene - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Reflection of an Oak Tree
View of Mt. Diablo from Shell Ridge
A view of Utica Reservoir
Ghostly Tahoe Panorama
Spooner Lake Reflection
Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
Fern Canyon at Prairie Creek
Cargo Ships at the Port of Oakland
Noyo River Idyll
Little boy playing at Carmel Beach
At Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
South Lake Tahoe shore
This way to the Pacific
Forest of Snowflakes
Pastoral Shell Ridge
A Winter Scene
Snow-covered Mt. Shasta in Winter
Sunrise in Tahoe
Lafayette Reservoir 2
Winter at Spooner Lake
yellow Daisy stem
Mono Lake
Glass Beach Treasure 2
A Napa Valley Vineyard 5
Golden Hour Carmel River Beach
Clear skies at Utica
Tufa, Mono Lake & the Sierra Nevada Moun
Pedal boats at Lafayette Reservoir
Utica Reservoir California
Child's Play - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Sewing Machine - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
Textures of Carmel River Beach
Codornices Park
Carmel Beach under the fog
Walking on Ice
Sunset sky in Northern Caliornia
Photographing on the north fork of the S
Photographer and her husband - Bodie, a Ghost Town, Revisited
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