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In the Argentine province of Santa Cruz, El Calafate is a breathtaking destination, home to several glaciers, including the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, as well as blue icebergs, aqua-green lakes and the Andes Mountains. Other glaciers seen in this series are the Upsala Glacier alongside the jewel blue of the Lago Guillermo, the Onelli Glacier and the Spegazzini Glacier. Also highlighted here is the stunning countryside of Estancia Cristina.

Upsala Glacier & Lago Guillermo
Lago Anita-El Calafate
Perito Moreno-El Calafate
Estancia Cristina, Patagonia
Lago Argentino-El Calafate
Water Mill in El Calafate
Spegazzini Glacier-Southern Patagonian I
Blue Iceberg-El Calafate
Upsala Glacier desde El Mirador-Estancia
Estancia Cristina
Texture of an iceberg
Los Glaciares National Park B&W
Breaking Ice-Perito Moreno Glacier-El Ca
Along Argentina Lake, Patagonia
The edge of Spegazzini Glacier on Lake A
Heading to another world-El Calafate-2
Blue iceberg, up close
Upsala Glacier from El Mirador
Iceberg in El Calafate
Holey Iceberg-El Calafate
Spegazzini Glacier
Otherwordly Iceberg
Onelli Glacier
Los Glaciares National Park
Textures of Ice-El Calafate
Southern Patagonian Ice Field
Rain, impressionist painter
Against the wind
Jumping for Joy
At the Edge of the World
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