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I love to—and live to—roam. The images in this never-ending series feature only a few of the photos I’ve taken abroad. Such places include (but are not limited to) Japan (mostly Kyoto); France (especially Biarritz, the Basque country, Sarlat in the Dordogne and Paris); Spain (especially Granada and San Sebastian-Donostia); Ireland, Thailand, Mexico, Kauai, Amsterdam and Argentina. Continue to check back for new additions.

A Geisha in Training-Kyoto Japan
One Who Is Still-Kyoto Japan
A Double-Decker Speeding Along
Les Parasols de Biarritz
Selfie, Kyoto Style
A View of Carnlough
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-6
The Umbrella Project, Church Alley, Live
La Boca de Buenos Aires
Maha'ulepu Beach
The London Eye
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-2
Mime in Paris
Imagine Peace
Beatles Statue Pier Head
Dear Friends-Kyoto Japan
Beautiful Napali Coast
Dordogne River
Les glaces
Sagano Bamboo Grove
Steps for a Giant
Geisha Coiffure
Escaliers de Beynac
Ermita de Santa María de la Hoz
The cubic structural evolution project-T
Liffey's Reflections
Japanese Maple
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-1
Swiftly from the rain Granada
Cobh's Deck of Cards
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-4
Japanese Clogs
Puerto Madero Buenos Aires
Canada Boulevard Liverpool Waterfront
The Umbrella Project, Church Alley, Live
View from Blarney Castle
Rainbow Eucalyptus
Floating Heads Installation by Sophie Ca
Kinkaku-ji - Kyoto's Golden Temple 2
Port de Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Royal Opera Café, Paris
Cobh Co. Cork
Grande Plage, Biarrtiz
aguas frescas
Lector en Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Coast of Northern Ireland
A View from Hwy 550
Modern Paris
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-8
Making our way back to Carrick-a-Rede Ro
Funny Socks
Iya Traore - Sacre Coeur Paris
Cycling through the Park-Kyoto Japan
Contemplation at Giant's Causeway
Blarney Castle
O'Neill Everywhere
Lord Kelvin, Kelvingrove Park
At Spooner Lake
The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Arashiyama Macaque
Wedding in Paris
Disgruntled Chef-Buenos Aires Argentina.
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-7
Camino a las Grutas de García
Sea Foam & Sea Stone
The Umbrella Project, Church Alley, Live
Un Tango-San Telmo-Buenos Aires
Marrakesh Morocco--Passing time
Old Granada
Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-5
Row Houses
Spooner Lake Trail (Nevada)
Frías, España
Ermita de Santa María de la Hoz
Trinity College Library
La Alhambra
Green Transportation
Cerro de los Siete Colores
Entre les grands bâtiments
Ermita de Santa María de la Hoz_4
Bridge Lights
Phare de Biarritz
A Granada Street at Night
Frías, España
Rainy walk in the park
Leeds City Markets
Ermita de Santa María de la Hoz
Night Lights of Amsterdam
Sarlat Alleyway
A View of Granada
Trinity College Library
Floating Heads Installation by Sophie Ca
Arches of Alhambra
Abandoned farmhouse of the Dordogne Vall
Catacombes de Paris
Bahía de la Concha (Kontxa)
Circling Giant's Causeway
Arc de Triomphe at Night
Dordogne Valley
Vue de la Grande Plage
The cubic structural evolution project-T
Marrakesh Morocco
Maisons du port
Lights on the Liffey
Ronde Lutherse Kerk
Frías Burgos España
Bahía de la Concha
Narrow Canal
Sarlat Cafés
La Nive de Béhérobie
Angel of Recoleta
St John University building on Lord Mayo
Beckoning Cafés
Kaiko Pasealekua
The Eiffel Tower at Night
A View of Giant's Causeway
Mirakontxa pasealekua
Tower at Blarney Castle
Rue de la Citadelle
Paris Catacombs
Mary Shortle, York
Ermita de Santa María de la Hoz
Contrasting Architecture
Running to catch the bus on Shishigatani
Triple Double-Deckers
Biarritz, crépuscule
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