This series features images used in editorial, journalistic and stock photography.

Marrakech Morocco

Vendo Jugos-Buenos Aires Argentina

A Geisha in Training-Kyoto Japan

Playback Theater-Berkeley-California-2

Zipping Across the Street

Tribute to Poet John Oliver Simon 1942-2

Pasando el tiempo-San Telmo-Buenos Aires

Geisha Coiffure

Un Tango-San Telmo-Buenos Aires

Ai Wei Wei Dragon at Alcatraz Island

Alameda County Fair

Man in Blue Sweater Chinatown San Franci

Reading-Oakland bookstore-California

Blow-Up Traveling Inflatable Art Exhibit

Art of the Brick - Nathan Sawaya & Dean

Standing Out

In a Hurry San Francisco California

Iya Traore - Sacre Coeur Paris

Street Artist-Montmartre-Paris

Art of the Brick - Nathan Sawaya - Yello

Beckoning Cafés

Shhh-Christian Moeller-Walnut Creek Publ

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-2

Under the Eiffel Tower

Art of the Brick Nathan Sawaya - Gray.

Handcrafted Delicacies Kyoto Japan

Tribute to Poet John Oliver Simon 1942-2

Granada Café

Weaver-Quintana Roo-Mexico

Wakosha embroidery-Kyoto Japan


Art of the Brick - Nathan Sawaya - Trapp

Food stalls at Jemaa El-Fna, Marrakech,

Alameda County Fair

Ai Wei Wei Chinese Dissidents in Lego at

Frías España

Pensive Merchant-Marrakech Morocco

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-1

Azulejos de Marruecos

Mime in Paris

Motorman-San Francisco Cable Car

Playback Theater-Berkeley-California-1

Man with a Banjo-Glass Beach-Fort Bragg-

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-4

Hand of Peace-Beniamino Bufano-Walnut Cr

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-Parad

Blow-Up Traveling Inflatable Art Exhibit

Hanapepe Town Thursday Farmer's Market K

Lector en Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Vendo Jugos-Buenos Aires Argentina

Cycling through the Park-Kyoto Japan

There was a crooked house

Worker Chinatown San Francisco

Frías, España

Soñondo de futbol en Buenos Aires

The Walk Home

Running Errands

One Who Is Still-Kyoto Japan

La Alhambra

Day at the Market Marrakesh

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-5

Iya Traoré

Dear Friends-Kyoto Japan

Marrakesh Morocco--Passing time

Neighborhood Perch

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-8

Jidai Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan-7

Disgruntled Chef-Buenos Aires Argentina.

Alameda County Fair

Going Home

Crossing the Street Chinatown San Franci